Asset protection

Asset protection trusts are powerful tools that may shield wealth from lawsuits. Our process of installing an asset protection trust begins with reviewing your assets, risk, and financial goals. Next, we work with estate and tax planning attorneys to establish appropriate structures, such as trusts and companies in order to create legal barriers between creditors and your wealth. These strategies often use a combination of business and estate planning tools.

A properly established plan performs three primary functions: lawsuit deterrence, settlement negotiation leverage, and/or placing your assets out of reach of a legal opponent. Ideally, it’s best to engage in asset protection planning prior to a lawsuit or cause of action. However, if you have not done so, you may be able to implement it at nearly any time. Because every situation is different, we encourage you to call and speak to an experienced professional who will be able to help you understand the details and provide you with legal advice.

Regardless of net worth, any individual or business with assets they wish to keep should look into a wealth protection plan. It should be appropriate for their assets, risk, fears, and comfort level. Business owners, parents, investors, real estate owners, physicians and other professionals are at greater risk of encountering major lawsuits, and thus, have even greater reason to implement asset protection plans.

Having the proper legal tools in place before a lawsuit strikes puts you in an advantageous position, preventing you from enduring a costly litigation or having to quickly settle out of court. Trust our specialists at AWM to prepare a strategy that prevents interruptions to your business operations and spares you from unexpected expenses.

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