A private trust company (PTC) is established to act as a corporate trustee to a trust or group of connected trusts. This structure is particularly attractive to wealthy families that are sensitive to issues of confidentiality or wish to create a framework to specify how its members exert control or influence over the administration of the trust assets, which may include shares in a family company.

One way for a non-U.S. settlor to retain some control over the affairs of a trust is to establish and license a private trust company. When doing so, it’s necessary to appoint directors of the PTC who have substantial experience with trusts. Family members can be involved in decision making by being on the board and, when used in conjunction with a STAR trust, complications of succession can be avoided.


  •      Confidentiality can be maintained
  •      Facilitates direct involvement of family members (and trusted advisors) in decision making
  •      Succession issues are reduced by structuring the owner of the PTC to be a STAR trust
  •      Setup is quick and costs much less than establishing a Trust Company with Restricted Trust License
  •      PTCs can also be used in a commercial or philanthropic context

Other Trusts

When considering an appropriate jurisdiction in which to establish a trust, the availability of a sound legal system and independent judiciary are very important factors. The Cayman Islands, with their English common law base and the right of appeal up to the Privy Council in England, ensure that the Cayman Islands are an ideal jurisdiction for the establishment and administration of offshore trusts. AWM will assist in establishing the correct structure for you, whether it’s for estate planning, professional portfolio management, taxes and/or asset protection.

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