Pre-Immigration Planning

Pre-Immigration Planning

Visa Restrictions

Travelling can present wonderful opportunities, but also the occasional headache. Finding out you need a visa for a business trip on a short timeline can mean travelling to a consulate or embassy, resulting in unexpected expenses and challenges.

Many travelers are regularly met with visa restrictions while trying to enter foreign countries due to their country of citizenship. By comparison, citizens of countries that have been granted relatively lenient ingress and egress regulations can be surprised by unforeseen travel restrictions during trade sanctions, terrorist threats, etc. 

The Benefits of a Second Passport

In the event you need to obtain a new passport from your home country but cannot make it back, having the option to travel to or stay in an alternative home base is invaluable. During the time of war or political instability, it can quite literally be a life-saver. Working with legal experts, AWM can help you evaluate whether obtaining an additional passport is a realistic option for you. 

Tax Aspects of Alternative Citizenship

Obtaining alternative citizenship may result in changes to one’s tax requirements. Always consult with a tax advisor on your unique situation.

Personal Security

There’s nothing more important than your personal security and the security of your family. Citizenship and the possession of a passport from a peaceful country can be your ticket to safety in precarious situations. Many people who are widely active in international trade obtain alternative passports as the ultimate life insurance.

Investment in the Future

The acquisition of second citizenship will not only give you and your family peace of mind, it will give you security and the option to choose a life that suits you best. Check the laws of your current country of citizenship to determine if you are eligible for second citizenship.

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