AWM works closely with high net worth families who are heavily interested in philanthropic efforts, whether it is a longstanding commitment or a new interest. We are passionate about giving, just like our clients and we can assist individuals develop and fulfill their charitable goals so they truly make a meaningful impact.

Since each family’s situation is unique, we offer customized advice with the help of professionals to help you understand the choices available to you and establish the right structure to promote your philanthropic wishes.

In 2017, AWM Global Advisors was ranked by Advisory HQ as one of the top 10 Wealth Advisors in San Diego. AdvisoryHQ considered at a wide range of factors in the selection process including fiduciary duty, independence, transparency, level of customized service and years of experience amongst others. Details of the selection process can be found in the link below. Firms do not pay a fee to be selected nor are they advised that they are under consideration until after the selection is made. No employees or clients were interviewed during the selection process. Third-party recognition from rating services are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly-rated advisor does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance. Methodology for Ranking Top Advisors in the U.S and U.K.